Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PDF2 Starting your first page

in this exercise we were to take photos of shapes, colours we liked near home and then make drawings of them. click on the photos below to see larger versions of them

the first is a closeup of the bark from a banana tree. I liked the pattern of the lines and textures — the diagonal lines adjacent to the horizontal lines. I tried drawing this using different media — crayons, copic pens, felt pens, derwent pencils, inktense pencils, artbars, charcoal and pitt artist pens.

the second is another closeup of the banana tree. I like the lines once again and the blending of colours and graduation of lines. I tried to show these in my drawings using crayons, pencils, prismacolour pencils, conte pastels and copic pens

this is a closeup of granite in a wall near my apartment. I like the texture mixed with the lines of the decorative scratches, and the tones of the greys. I tried to show these qualities in my drawings using art graf soluable watercolour graphite, pitt artist pens, posca white pen, pencils and copic pens.

the last photo was taken whilst I was on holidays - it's an interesting rock wall formation showing sharp edged geometric rocks tightly packed together. it was next to a stream (the Tarra River) in southern Victoria. I love the geometric lines and tones of colours in the "V" shaped part of the rock wall.

I tried to replicate the colour tones in watercolour, though I think I overdid them. I added black lines to define the shape of the rocks and provide some shading with pencil.


  1. Hi Kath. This is a good way to show me your work, very clear. I love your photos and studies. #2 reminds me of rushing water. I like the contrast between the fine lines and the gentle tonal and colour changes. There are some interesting grey marks on the granite studies, these could lead you in a textural direction. Photo #4 is gorgeous! This could be interpreted in a pattern way or as colour studies. I think I would try to recreate those patterns in various different ways with different materials.
    Well done so far, a good start to your sketch book studies!

    1. thanks very much Rosemary for your great feedback. yes, the rocks were very striking in such a tranquil setting. I'll choose one (likely the rocks) and develop it more. I still need to try the printing parts at the end of this exercise.